Life Insurance


Why place your life sales with TGA4A?

With over 25 years of experience, we can help you place any case from a small term life case to a complicated business case. We offer top payouts from highly rated carriers and concierge service.

Quote Term & GUL

Use our free rater to quote your term and GUL cases.

Quick, low touch drop ticket

Let's face it many prospects just want term life insurance. The old system of filling out a 20 page life app, ordering the exam & APS top make $200 in commissions just does not make sense. Fortunately, many carriers now offer drop tickets. Provide a couple pieces of information, the carrier does all the rest: application, order exam, order APS, followup and even collect premium and deliver the policy. You would think the agents commission would be drastically reduced. Well, it is not reduced at all

Hard to place cases

We know how to get hard to place cases the best rating and most importantly put in force. By working with most of the top carriers we can shop your hard to place case before, during and after the application process as the underwriting information comes in.

Business Cases

Buy/Sell Agreements. Deferred Comp, Key Person, Loan protection, Split Dollar, Pension concepts 

Permanent Life Quotes/Advanced Concepts

Contact us for Whole Life, Universal Life, Index Universal quotes. If you have a Winflexweb login you can access it here-